✖ Emeline Bolmont 

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Orme des Merisiers, CEA

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exoplanets, tides, habitability


+33 6 82 52 46 07

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Here is a quick overview of my research topics

If you want to know more about them: Research interests 

If you want to know more about me: About (ici, une partie en français)

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A great part of my work consists in studying the tidal evolution of planetary systems around all kind of different objects: from brown dwarfs to Sun-like stars.

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Dynamical evolution

I have designed a module for John Chambers's Mercury code, which allows to compute the tidal evolution of multi-planet systems: Mercury-T (the code is available to everyone, Bolmont et al. 2015).

The successor of Mercury-T is here! Its name is Posidonius (the paper is in prep, but there is a proceeding: Blanco-Cuaresma & Bolmont, 2017)

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What interests me too is that tides have an influence on orbital parameters and planetary characteristics which determine the climate of a planet. I plan to study these links using the data from tidal dynamical evolution and global climate models.